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What makes a Diamond?

Diamonds are made of carbon atoms, bonded in such a way as to create crystal formations. In high-temperature, high-pressure environments, such as is present in the earth's mantle, carbon atoms bond in a particular formation of five atoms. Each carbon atom naturally forms to four other carbon atoms.

Where the initial carbon comes from is not yet known in mainstream science. Like many things in unexplored places, scientists can only hypothesize as to the origins of the carbon that diamonds are made of. But, this covalent 4-carbon bond structure forms one of the strongest chemical bonds known to the natural world.

The crystalline structure you recognize as a one-carat diamond is a covalent bond of billions and billions of carbon atoms. But, it all starts with four little carbon atoms, and slowly, over hundreds of millions or billions of years, a diamond grows.

Roum is keeping the tradition alive of conflict free earth mined diamonds in our luxury collection and we use lab grown diamonds in our everyday styles. We do not support home kits or diamond pens to test diamonds as they are not reliable. For diamond certifications, kindly contact us and we will be happy to provide a GIA diamond certificate upon request.


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